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Budget Meeting Resolution 


File No. Notice /2013-14/                                               Date :          15  March, 2014


                                                      N  O  T  I  C  E


This is to inform you all that the following decisions have been taken in the Annual General Body Meeting  held on 15th March, 2014.


1.   Maintenance Charge for the year 2013-14

a.  Maintenance Charge of  Rs.6000/-p.a (500X12) for the year  2013-14    is  being  accepted with a charge of Rs.100 /- p.m as fine from the month of February,2014  onwards.  Notice by Registered Post / Speed Post is being sent to them who has not yet paid maintenance Charge for financial year 2013-14 ,with a request to pay Maintenance charges at the earliest. *

 2.     Maintenance Charge for the year 2014-15 

       a.  Maintenance Charge for the year 2014-15  is Rs. 750/-Per Month & Payment  has to be made quarterly (for 3 months)  from the beginning of financial year 2014-15 (i.e   April, May & June) within  15th of July  and   (July  ,Aug., & Sept.,) within the 15th of October and (Oct., Nov., & Dec.,) within 15th   of January  and (January, Feb ., & March) within 31st  of  March of the year. Failing which,  a fine /penalty for a sum  of  Rs.   10 /- per day  will be charged  by the association for each quarter .

Example – Flat owner has to pay the maintenance charge within cut off  date otherwise   Rs.10/- per day  will be charged from the cut off date as fine (i.e    cut off  date  of 1st Quarter is  15th  July,  2nd quarter is  15th October, 3rd quarter is 15th January and  4th quarter is  31st March of the year.)

3.     Rebate provision for one time payment in due time

a.   A rebate for a sum of Rs. 600 /- will be granted if full amount of twelve months (750X 12 =9000/-)  is paid at a time  within  30st April ,2014. (Rs 9000 -600 = 8400)

b.      A rebate for a sum of Rs. 500/- will be granted if full amount of twelve months (750X12 =9000/-)  is paid at  a time  within 31st May ,2014.  (9000 – 500 = 8500) 

c.       A rebate for a sum of Rs. 400 /- will be granted if full amount of twelve months (750X12 =9000/-) is paid at  a time  within  30th June ,2014. (9000 – 400 = 8600)

After 30th June  No  Rebate is  allowed. 

4.     No fine /plenty

No fine /plenty will be imposed on those flat owners who have not yet  received the key of Flat due to allotment-dispute by WBHB, Kolkata.

5.   Membership Fees for new flat owner in the case of  re-sale :

a.  A lump sum  amount of Rs.25,000/- has to be paid  by new  flat owner  for getting new membership  of this  Association in the case of re-sale .

6.  Processing fees In the case of letting out /Lease/ licences fees etc.          

a.  Flat owner has to pay a lump sum amount of Rs.1000/-as processing fees at the time of recommendation   of  application  Form for rent duly filled in by the  flat owner before sending  to local  Police Station for necessary records  and after being endorsed by local police Stn., a copy  of which  is required to be submitted to Moonbeam  Office.

 7. Deposit of caution money at the time of renovation of Flat.

a.   Before starting of renovation work of flat,Rs.1000/- has to be deposited to the Office which is refundable.



                                                                 SambhuGangully                                                                                                                                Secretary

                                            Moonbeam Apartment Owners’ Association



        Any sorts of  payment related to maintenance charge of Flat ,Membership

        fees, Processing Fees etc. has to be made by A/C payee Cheque mentioning 

        name ,Flat No. & Mobile No. on reverse page .        


       A/C Payee Cheque for any sorts of payment  may be sent by Regd. Post with

       a  charge  of  Rs.30/- for return post  in favour of  Moonbeam  Apartment   

       owners’  Association ,NewTown, Kolkata – 700  156

       General  Information  & appeal :-

  a.   Common area/property are for all ,  not for any individual or any particular member or any  group of members,

         which belong to Owners’  Association.  Any sorts of unauthorised  occupation  of  common area  either inside the 

         Building  premises or outside the Building premises  by any  member or any  group of members  is inadmissible &

         and  offence able.  Association will have to settle  any sorts  of  problems  related to common area ,if necessary.           

   b.  Dustbin and Lift should be used in good manner.

   c.  Air conditioning units  should be installed in Balcony

   d.. Car/Scooter should be drive slowly inside the complex

   e.  Collapsible gate  is admissible to fix outside the main gate of individual  Flat.

   f.   family tenant is preferred

   g.  Every member should attend Annual General Body/General Body Meeting called by Assocn.

   h.  Go up by lift & come down by walking to save electricity cost, if possible

   i.  Balcony and building colour should be similar

   j.  All should try for better development and discipline

   k. Pay maintenance Charge in due time for the shake of development of the complex

   l.  Keep your complex clean and fair

   m Do not spit on the wall of stair case

   n Pl. Follow our web site as above.


                 Office remains open on Saturday &  Sunday and Close on Monday        

   Any quarry, pl. contact with  -Mr Pankaj Paul, Office Staff, M.No. 918017243310


·         It is requested to pay maintenance charge for 2013-14 & 2014-15 at an early date. 
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